The Notre Dame Investment Club began as the CBA-ACIF in the 1950s with a $10,000 donation to be managed by students as an opportunity for students interested in the securities markets to learn through practical experience. While the portfolio has compounded well since that initial investment, the club lacked structure for many years. The Notre Dame Investment Club as we know it today began with the 2015 Leadership Team, who cleaned up the portfolio and formed a more cohesive organization. Since then, the club has grown, both in portfolio and member size, and strives to improve every year. The club has started sponsoring student teams in several investing competitions and plans to begin hosting an annual internal investment competition on Notre Dame's campus.

Mission Statement

The Notre Dame Investment Club seeks to introduce undergraduates to careers and concepts in investing. Through our workshops and stock pitches, we hope students can learn to evaluate investments and thoughtfully convey their ideas. Our end goal is to teach club members to think like investors. 

How to Get Involved

Meetings are held weekly from 8:00-8:45pm on Tuesdays throughout the academic year – first 30 minutes are dedicated to a portfolio update and workshop, followed by student-led pitches. All undergraduates are welcome to attend workshops and meetings, and we strongly encourage attendees to pose any questions they may have. Not every club investment has turned out successful, but our goal is to refine these investment decisions and learn from our mistakes. Hence, we encourage all club members to learn through Previous Pitches and participate in future idea generation and decision making.

There are also opportunities to join the club's competition teams, but these positions are competitive and meeting attendance is a major factor in the selection process.

For more information email invclub@nd.edu