Who We Are

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

The Notre Dame Investment Club is a student-led group with the purpose of introducing undergraduates to careers and concepts in investing. The club offers three unique opportunities for student involvement and education: Portfolio Management, Educational Workshops, and Investing Competitions.

Portfolio Management

The Club manages an $1mm+ portfolio of long equity positions as a portion of the university endowment. This unparalleled experiential learning opportunity allows our club members to simulate the investment decisions made by portfolio managers through critical evaluation of stock pitches. Our success in this aspect of the club is measured by our cumulative returns relative to the S&P 500 Index. Click here to view the current portfolio and previous pitches.

Educational Workshops

While we are motivated by performance, the true value of the club is delivered through education. We host weekly workshops covering various aspects critical to investing, with topics ranging from investment management industry overviews to various valuation techniques. Through these learning sessions, we hope club participants develop a deeper understanding of the investing landscape while learning to truly think like an investor. Click here to view previous workshops.

Investing Competitions

The club has participated in a number of investing competitions at universities across the country, such as Cornell, Michigan, Harvard, and USC. These competitions have different formats, but typically involve teams of 3-5 students pitching their best investment idea in front of a panel of judges. While other clubs spend entire semesters preparing their pitches, we pride ourselves on selecting a team of students pitching a new, unique investment recommendation outside of our current portfolio. Click here to view previous competition submissions.




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