Stock Pitch Policy 

  • Scheduled pitch dates are firm commitments and cannot be canceled less than 2 weeks in advance
    • If you fail to alert NDIC leadership that you cannot meet your pitch date two weeks in advance you will be ineligible for travel teams, outside competitions, or voting team membership for the next 3 months
  • Cancelation of pitch dates, even before the two-week deadline, does not guarantee that they will be rescheduled
  • Pitch materials will be submitted by the following deadlines:
    • Preliminary 4-5 bullet summary investment thesis due 2 weeks before pitch date
    • Final presentation is due on Sunday before pitch date
    • You will be required to meet with an NDIC mentor or leadership member prior to your pitch date
  • Meetings will focus on ensuring you are ready to present on your pitch date
  • Slide decks accompanying pitches will include no more than 1 company/industry overview slide
  • Models accompanying pitches will include at minimum:
    • Comparable Companies Analysis
    • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
    • Revenue Build
    • Sensitivity Analysis (Upside, Downside and Base Cases)
    • Discussion of Key Assumptions 
  • Pitches will be no more than 15 minutes in length – there will be a strict cut-off to allow for Q&A
  • Dress for pitches is business formal
  • Please see Section VII of the Club Constitution for more information